Collective Consciousness Induction
Activity: Controlled
Levels: 5, E, X
Allignment: None
Fiction: Fan-fiction
Elementary: Scientific, Biological
Type: Elemental

Description Edit

This is the ability to bestow consciousness on an inanimate object. It can also be used to alter someone or somethings intelligence, memory, and knowledge.

Levels Edit

Level 1 Edit

The user can bestow consciousness on small inanimate objects. Any object that the user bestows consciousness on can telepathically communicate with the user and anyone else that the object trusts or is allowed by the user. Objects that have moving parts may move by themselves (e.g. a remote control car may move by itself, etc.). Objects that require balance may balance themslves (e.g. a bike may balance itself, pens or pencils may write things themsleves, etc.). Electronic objects can work themselves.

Level 2 Edit

The user can bestow consciousness on medium inanimate objects.

Level 3 Edit

The user can bestow consciousness on large inanimate objects.

Level 4 Edit

The user can increase or decrease someone or something's intelligence.

Level 5 Edit

The user can erase someone or something's memories and increase or decrease someone or something's memory capacitiy.

Level E Edit

Objects that have consciousness bestowed on them by an evil user have intentions of evil and mischief. They can also shoot bolts of evil energy.

Level X Edit

The user gains telepathic abilities up to level 5.

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